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>> The wonder of it all

เรื่อง :

“The wonder of it all”

My parents were divorced when I was a baby. Then, my mother took out my brother and me to leave from Bangkok. We lived at Pattalung* with my maternal grandparents. After that, my mother could get a job at Songkhla.* She had to go for working there. She was not able to look after me and my brother. So, my grandfather and my grandmother were volunteers to take care of my brother and me then.
My grandparents alternated taking care of us. For example. While my grandfather was teaching the pupils at school, my grandmother looked after us at home. At night, my grandfather had to wake up for seeing what happened with me and my brother like when we were cried, he prepared warm milk for us. And then, he sang a native song and lullaby until we were asleep in the bed. Although sometimes, we had slept already. My grandfather and grandmother still did the households together like wash my soiled clothes, do the dishes or anything that they could do at night only because I used to bother them at daytime. I know they were very tired especially my grandfather who had to do a lot of things at the same time.
When I was around two years old, my grandfather used to take me to the school. He bought a school uniform for me. I studied everything in the class same as other friends, but I was not allowed to register that I was a student in this school because I was too young of age. My grandfather was retired at the age of sixty. So, I could not go to school then. But I was still lucky because that time there was a nursery school near my home, my grandfather would like to make me a good student in the future. He sent me to this nursery for learning more. I studied at here for a while also. Then, my grandfather sent me to the school. I started studying in the kindergarten class. My grandfather thought that I could study very well. So, he told the present Principal to promote me to the higher grade. This was successful. I was allowed to study in Prathom 1* before my friends who were at the same age.
My grandfather was still worried all the time that I would not be able to study in the class well and I might not understand anything in the class. That made he has to teach me, help me to do my homework and gave me his old textbooks. He would like me to read all of them. I did not read all of them because some of them were so boring and I was lazy too. My grandfather taught me how to be good at handwriting also. Besides, my grandfather supported me in all activities in the school and out of the school like Thai dancing, dancing, sports, drum major, singing, cheer leader, contest and all competitions. I have got chance to do them because my grandfather always gives me morale. Even I can’t do successfully; my grandfather would say “That is alright. Today is not our day, but tomorrow will be our day certainly. Remember! This is just your experience”
One day, my grandfather took his motorcycle to repair at the garage nearby the Manorah* dancing house. My grandfather took me to the Manorah dancing house and we saw the performance together. I felt interested in Manorah dancing. So, I went in the performance and started dancing with other performers. My grandfather knew that I would like to be a member of Manorah dancing group. He talked to the head of Manorah dancing group to make me to practice dancing with the group. Then, he ordered a tailor to make a Manorah dress for me also. He had to send me to practice dancing at the Manorah dancing house at night. The head of Manorah dancing group said to my grandfather that I was skilful in Manorah dancing. I could have performance with everyone. As soon as my grandfather knew, he was really glad. He sent me to the fair and cheered up me to perform well. I think that time could make my grandfather to be happy and proud of me. I had performed Manorah for a while. Then, I had to leave from the Manorah dancing group because I and my brother had to move from Pattalung to Hatyai.*
And even now, I do not live with my grandfather. But he is still anxious about me and he supports me to do good things that I want to do. I cannot know that before I was born on this world, how was my grandfather. But as far as I can remember and touch in them, he is good at everything and he can manage everything well also. I think that my grandfather is same as my father and he is the God in my heart who can give me the best advice all the time. Do you agree if I would say my grandfather is a perfect and wonderful man?

*Manorah is a traditional dance of Southern Thailand.
*Hatyai is a district of Songkhla.
*Songkhla is a province in Southern Thailand.
*Pattalung is a province near Songkhla.
*Prathom 1 is 1st grade in Thailand.

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